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EM Search Corporation Privacy Statement

Your privacy and security are important to us. Our goal is to provide clients, prospective clients and business partners with an informative, engaging business tool that can be used without fear that more information will be gathered than you intended to impart of that information you provide will be misused or mishandled. Toward that end, this statement describes the types of information we gather from this site, how we protect it and what we do with it after we receive it.

You may visit this site whenever you wish and you need not provide us with personal information about yourself or your company. We may collect certain information about you and your visit that is not personally identifiable. Such information may include the time and date of your visit, the name of the domain from which you accessed the internet and the address of the website from which you were linked to us. We collect this information to analyze traffic on our site and to make it a better, more enjoyable business tool. We do not send data to your browser (sometimes referred to as “cookies”) and we will never share such information with third parties unless you expressly authorize us to do so. You may choose to give us personal information about yourself or your business. For instance, you may use this site to inquire about a product or service, to apply for a job or to be placed on our mailing list. You may also give us personal information about someone else, we assume that you have unqualified permission to do so. We also assume that we have your permission to utilize personal information in a manner that we deem consistent with your purpose for supplying it to us. For instance, if you inquire about a product or service and provide contact information, we will contact you. We may also contact you in the future to follow up on your inquiry and to provide you with updated or additional information that we deem relevant to, or consistent with, your initial inquiry. We will never sell your information or share it with uninvolved third parties. We may, however, provide it to our business partners, contractors, vendors, shipping companies, etc. in order to fulfill the purpose of your having supplied us with the information. We may also be required by law to supply the information to others, as for instance upon subpoena, court order or governmental directive. You may correct, delete or update your personal data with us at any time by sending an email to We may ask you to verify your identity and require you to cooperate with us in other ways to fulfill your request. We will take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information that you supply to us from access, use or misuse by unauthorized third parties. However, no transfer of data over the internet is completely secure. Thus, EM Search shall not be liable for any damage, inconvenience, delay or harm of any kind that results from the unauthorized access, use or misuse of personal information, when such unauthorized access, use or misuse is reasonably beyond the control of EM Search. This website contains links to other sites. EM Search is not responsible for privacy practices or content of those other sites.