About Us

Top Talent. Delivered

EM Search is a global firm that is recognized by its peers and clients for providing unparalleled access to the world’s top executive talent. With a proven track record, the firm is uniquely qualified and consistently delivers exceptional results. Clients rely on EM Search as partners to fill their critical needs for talent at all levels.

With deep knowledge in their chosen specialties, breadth of expertise across broad industries and a passion for delivering world-class results EM Search has partnered with emerging corporations through the Fortune 500. We place a premium on a 24 x 7 work ethic that equates to unmatched responsiveness for the most demanding clients, a healthy balance between the art and science of effective recruiting and a passion for people and career growth.

Our Clients Say

“EM Search consistently provides my organization with top notch executive resources and partners with me to identify, develop and deploy business solutions that provide a ROI.”
“Acquiring talent is crucial to our mission of creating value for our organization. The EM Search team is committed to ensuring that the executive resources they provide match the skills, experience and culture necessary to thrive in our environment.”